Hope Social Club
Hope Social Club (2017)

1. Wild & Free- Pedal Steel 2. Heart Like Mine- Guitar, Pedal Steel Mellotron Pad 3. Ohio- Pedal Steel 4. Traveler's Waltz- Pedal Steel 5. I Hope It's Gonna Rain- Guitar 6. Right In Sight- Pedal Steel 7. Part Of The Plan- Guitar 8. Slow It Down- Pedal Steel 9. We Are Love- Guitar 10. All Over Again- Pedal Steel Hammond Pad

Last Train
BackAgain (2016)

1. AKXX- Lap Steel Guitar 7. Married To The River- Pedal Steel Guitar 9. Screaming For Air- Lap Steel Guitar 13. Owner State- Pedal Steel Guitar

Steve Norwood
King Of The Mountain (2015)

5. Little Boat- Pedal Steel

Nellie Clay & The Lucky Dogs
Never Did What I Shoulda Done (2015)

1. Oklahoma- Pedal Steel Guitar 2. 9 Kinds Of Hell- Electric Rhythm & Lead Guitars 3. Burnin' Fires- Dobro, Electric Rhythm Guitar 4. Ain't Dead Yet- Electric Rhythm & Lead Guitars 5. Into This City- Electric Rhythm & Lead Guitars 6.Sleeping On Floors- Pedal Steel Guitar 7. Oh Sweet Elizabeth- Electric Rhythm & Lead Guitars 8. What They Gonna Say- Pedal Steel Guitar 9. Cookin' Up That Love- Mandolin

Melissa Mitchell
Alive Again (2015)

1. Here's My Heart- Left Channel Electric Guitar 2. Change- Pedal Steel Guitar 3. Rooting Down- Left Channel Electric Guitar 4.Alive Again- Electric Leslie Guitar 5. That Winter- Pedal Steel Guitar 8. Ask- Left Channel Electric Guitar 9. This One's For You- Banjo 10. Thank You- Left Channel Electric Guitar

Jonathan J Bower
hope, alaska (2014)

2. Nina Simone- Pedal Steel Guitar 5. Hope, AK- Pedal Steel Guitar 7. Friendship Fire- Slide Guitar 9. Welcome The Night- Pedal Steel

Laura Oden
Alchemy (2014)

2. One Tattoo Girl- Pedal Steel Guitar 5. Marilyn In The Moon- Pedal Steel Guitar

Shawn Zuke
Undefined (2014)

1. Sweet Sequoia- Electric Rhythm & Lead Guitars

The Whipsaws
The Whipsaws (2012)

1. Took My Tears- Right Channel Electric Guitar, Background Vox, Hand Claps 2. Wait It Out-Right Channel Electric Guitar, Leslie Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar, Background Vox 3. Cave In- Left Channel Electric Guitar, Leslie Guitar 4. Coralee- Pedal Steel Guitar 5. Tried Not True- Left Channel Electric/Slide Guitar 6. Shutdown Checklist- Left Channel Electric Guitar 7. C.F.G.- Pedal Steel Guitar/Noise 8. Reno- Left Channel Electric Guitar 9. What Are The Chances- Pedal Steel Guitar 10. Lay Down By Me- Mandolin 11. Daylight- Left Channel Electric Guitar, Leslie Guitar, Background Vox

Jack River Kings
Mansion And The Money (2012)

1. Proenneke- Electric Lead Guitar 2. Women Like Her- Electric Lead Guitar, Background Vox 3. Face Of The Earth- Electric Lead Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar, Background Vox 4. Lewiston Lights- Electric Lead Guitar 5. Oil & Water- Pedal Steel Guitar, Leslie Guitar 6. Devil's Spine- Electric Lead/Slide Guitar 7.Billy Jessop- Electric Lead Guitar 8. The Sonoran Affair- Pedal Steel Guitar 9. Laundromat- Electric Lead Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar 10. Mansion & The Money- Electric Lead/Slide Guitar, Background Vox

Plume Giant
Callithump (2012)

8. Before The Sun- Pedal Steel Guitar

Jonathan J Bower
But So Beautiful (2012)

3. Cargo City- Pedal Steel Guitar 5. The Book Of Failures- Pedal Steel Guitar

Nellie Clay
Born Too Late (2012)

1. Gonna Get Down- Electric Guitar 2. Been Good Too Long- Pedal Steel Guitar 4. Could've Been Good- Electric Guitar 6. Sweet Dreams Of You- Electric Guitar, Lap Steel 7. The Good Life- Pedal Steel Guitar 8. Just Friends, That's All- Pedal Steel Guitar 9. Bastard Child- Electric Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar 10. Whiskey For Two- Pedal Steel Guitar

Last Train
Stuckagain (2012)

9. Behind That Smile- Dobro

Evan Philliips
Goodnight My Dearest Stranger (2012)

1. Lost Again- Lap Steel Guitar 8. Lexington- Pedal Steel Guitar

One Soul (2011)

10. Slow It Down- Pedal Steel Guitar

Marian Call
Something Fierce Vol's 1 & 2 (2011)

Vol. 1 4. All New (Heart Shut Tight)- Pedal Steel Guitar Vol. 2 4. The Underground (One Bird At A Time)- Pedal Steel Guitar, Banjo

Jon Dykstra
Through The Years (2011)

5. Through The Years- Pedal Steel Guitar 7. Gary's Song- Pedal Steel Guitar

Last Train
Turnagain (2010)

3. When I'm Gone- Electric Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar 5. One Opinion- Pedal Steel Guitar 8. Seven- Pedal Steel Guitar 9. Don't Make Him That- Lap Steel Guitar, Electric Slide Guitar

Matthew Dean Herman
Blackbird (2009)

2. Southern Belle- Electric Slide Guitar 9. Soule Lake Hotel- Electric Lead Guitar 10. Out Of My Own Way- Banjo

Harland & The Hacksaws
Race The Rain (2009)

1. Back To The Farm- Pedal Steel Guitar 2. Joe- Pedal Steel Guitar 4. 80 SPH (Minnesota Version)- Banjo 5. Shittin' In Corners- Electric Lead Guitar 7. Nowhere Bound- Weissenborn 8. Another Sunrise- Pedal Steel Guitar

Marty Jones
Coming Home: The Songs of Evan Phillips (2009)

9. Ain't Looking Back- Pedal Steel Guitar

Coming Home: The Songs of Evan Phillips (2009)

5. Hwy 395- Pedal Steel Guitar

Hollow & Drifting (2008)

3. Gravity- Lap Steel Guitar 4. Windmills- Weissenborn 6. Radio Dial- Lap Steel Guitar 10. Anna- Lap Steel Guitar

The Whipsaws
60 Watt Avenue (2008)

1. 60 Watt- Right Channel Electric Guitar, Background Vox 2. Jessi Jane- Right Channel Electric Guitar, Background Vox 3. Coming Home- Banjo 4. Stick Around- Lap Steel Guitar 5. High Tide- Left Channel Electric Guitar 6. Lonesome Joe- Banjo 7. The War- Left Channel Electric Guitar, Background Vox 8. SInferno- Left Channel Electric Guitar 9. Bar Scar- Right Channel Electric/Slide Guitar 11. Mr Soul- Right Channel Electric Guitar, Background Vox 12. Ode To Shakey- Left Channel Electric Guitar 13. Seven Long Years- Lap Steel Guitar, Background Vox

Evan Phillips
Songs From Lake Irene (2007)

3. Instrumental #1- Weissenborn 4. Pick Yourself Up- Weissenborn 5. Hwy 395- Banjo

The Whipsaws
Ten Day Bender (2006)

1. Petersville- Electric Lead Guitar 2. Hillbilly Heroin- Electric Lead/Slide Guitar 3. Assgrass Revival- Electric Lead Guitar 4. Shotgun Wedding- Lap Steel Guitar, Dobro 5. Hole In My Heart- Lap Steel Guitar 6. Contraband- Electric Slide Guitar 7. Bootlegger's Blues- Lap Steel Guitar 8. Wayward John- Dobro 9. Sweet Marie- Weissenborn 10. Codeine- Electric Lead Guitar

Evan Phillips
Chickaloon (2004)

1. Uphill Slide- Feedback, Electric Guitar 3. Old Glenn (Noise 1)- Banjo 7. Wounded Soldier- Electric Slide Guitar 8. Chickaloon- Banjo, Slide Guitar 10. Free & Clear- Electric Lead Guitar 15. Gravel Creek- Rhythm Guitar

Dan Coleron
Bird Point (2001)

10. Lunar Module- Acoustic Lead Guitar